How to start forging a #career in #IT and #cybersecurity

In any office, the IT department are the first ones you call when your computer freezes or when your company-issued device catches a virus. In the 21st century, they are the backbone of any operation.

Don’t underestimate IT people, folks. They’re an integral part of every company, and operations will pretty much go haywire without their expertise (just ask New York’s MTA). Not to mention, IT peeps make the most bank — we’re talking about six figures here — so it’s not an all too shabby profession.

If you’re looking to break into the lucrative career of IT and Security and become part of the IT crowd, the training bundles below can help get your foot in the door.

Amazon Web Services Certification Training ($1,299 value)

In case you’re not aware, the bulk of Amazon’s revenue has nothing to do with the subscription you pay to get free 2-day shipping — and has everything to do with their cloud computing division. Amazon Web Services is rapidly dominating the cloud game, providing thousands (or perhaps even millions) of companies and individuals storage and computing services. If you want to jump in on this opportunity, this bundle is your one-stop track to becoming a full-fledged cloud expert. Across eight extensive courses, you’ll get an introduction to the fundamentals of AWS cloud computing then move on to more advanced concepts like IT architecture, database migration, and virtual private cloud (VPC). Each course is dedicated to a specific subset of AWS, allowing you to choose your own track.

The CompTIA Cyber Security Expert Bundle ($297 value)

To stand out in the cybersecurity industry, it’s not enough that you have the skills; it’s equally important that you have certifications to back it up. They’re essentially your proof and badge of honor that signify that you really know your stuff. In this bundle, you’ll get the training you need to crush today’s most vital IT security certification exams: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP-003), CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CSA+), and CompTIA Pentest+. Through hours of video content, visual demonstrations, and multimedia presentations, you’ll be well prepped to pass the exams with flying colors. There are also quizzes and exam simulators included so that you can take the tests with confidence.

The Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle ($652 value)

The primary role of a DevOps engineer is to churn out code and updates quickly, all while collaborating and communicating within the team. It’s easier said than done, which is why you need adequate training if you want to become a capable engineer. This bundle does that and more, offering premium courses on AWS, Linux, Docker, and other enterprise computing systems. You’ll dive deep into software engineering basics and begin to hone your technical and managerial skills. There are also certification training courses you can take to ace tests and impress recruiters.

Ultimate Cisco Certification: Lifetime Access ($3,285 value)

Cisco remains the market leader in IT network systems, and gaining expertise in it can open you up to an abundance of career opportunities. In this bundle, you’ll attain a complete understanding of the nuts and bolts of Cisco networks. Courses run the gamut from wireless networking fundamentals to troubleshooting and maintaining IP networks to implementing routing. All courses are designed to help you gain mastery of how Cisco operates, and of course, prepare you to pass the requisite exam so you can earn Cisco-approved certifications.

The Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle ($895 value)

Want to become a proficient ethical hacker like Eliot Alderson of Mr. Robot? This bundle will train you how to counterattack cybercriminals who are out to wreak havoc on corporations and individuals. Across eight courses, you’ll learn lots about whitehat hacking, including verifying vulnerabilities, managing security assessments, and identity spoofing. By training’s end, you’ll have learned how to think like a hacker and solve security disasters before they even happen.


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