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How Managed Services Can Bolster Your Cybersecurity

Managed security services have always been a powerful weapon in the cybersecurity arsenal. But as attacks become increasingly sophisticated and organizations face a widespread shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff, the assistance of a trusted partner is more valuable than ever.

According to Ramana Reddy Depa, CDW’s global head of strategy for managed services, “Cybersecurity, obviously, is a huge thing. Because the threat landscape keeps expanding and evolving, and attacks are different every day, a lot of organizations are struggling to keep up.”

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For organizations that may not have the staff, expertise or resources to adequately defend themselves, Depa recommends managed services such as managed detection, backup and response.

Updating software and devices with appropriate patches is another area where managed services can lighten the load of an already overworked cybersecurity staff. Visibility is critical to building a comprehensive strategy and executable patch management solution. Managed Patching as a Service can help organizations gain insight into their current IT environments so that they can identify assets, assess vulnerabilities, and develop an effective patch management strategy.

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