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The internet is rife with life hacks, tips, and tricks to simplify our daily tasks, but every once in a while, something truly groundbreaking surfaces. One such revelation recently went viral on TikTok, where a travel influencer named Around the Atlas introduced the world to a nifty Google Flights secret. If you’re looking to book your next trip to sunny California, this hack might just be the game-changer you need.

Around the Atlas asked her audience, “Did I just unlock a cheat code or did everyone know about this?” Little did we know, she was about to introduce a simple, yet powerful, Google Flights hack method that left many travelers, novice and seasoned alike, in awe.

The Google Flights “Anywhere Hack”

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most of this discovery:

  1. Initiate the Search: Start by heading to your trusty Google search bar and type in ‘Google Flights.’
  2. Specify Your Departure: Once on the Google Flights website, enter your city of departure.
  3. Destination? Anywhere!: Now, for the trick that sent this hack viral. Instead of typing in a set destination, simply type ‘anywhere’ into the destination field.
  4. Flexible Dates: Keep the departure and return dates blank. This is essential for discovering the most budget-friendly travel options.
  5. Explore: Click on the ‘explore’ button. A map will populate with a variety of destinations, each paired with tantalizingly affordable airfares.


Around the Atlas showcased deals such as a £26 flight from London to Barcelona and a £336 fare to New York. For Californian dreamers, this hack means you could find a steal of a deal to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or any other Golden State gem using the Google Flights hack.

While Google Flights has been a known tool for many travelers, the ‘anywhere’ option was largely undiscovered territory. One might wonder why this feature is so revolutionary. The answer is flexibility. In the current age, more people can afford to be flexible. The primary concern becomes the cost. And that’s where this Google Flights hack shines, presenting the best deals for those who can adapt their travel dates.

Planning Your California Dream Trip

For those specifically eyeing California, the method remains the same. Once the map populates with destinations and prices, simply hover over or click on Californian cities to unveil the best deals. Whether you’re seeking the glamour of Hollywood, the tech-savvy streets of Silicon Valley, or the picturesque beaches of SoCal, you’re now armed with the Google Flights hack that could save you substantial money.


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