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How Women Are Taking A Stand Against Guns In America | #schoolsaftey

Where is our “leadership”? No other country has this genocide of their children at the hands of guns. This is a wholly created problem — why won’t our leaders save our children?

Did I mention that guns are the number one killer of American children?

The day after Nashville, our president, a Democrat, said he “can’t do anything except plead with the Congress to act reasonably.”

“Can’t” wasn’t the right word. Biden meant “won’t.” He won’t do anything to save our children. As for Congress, we know that they too won’t do anything to save our kids. Year after year, decade after decade, Republicans and Democrats alike have done nothing to save our kids. 

What have our presidents and Congress done? Offer thoughts and prayers. Blame mental health. Rage on social media about how the gun deaths are everyone else’s fault and problem but theirs.

In other words: ALL of our leaders have left ALL of us, ALL of our children to die.

Can you imagine if Russia or China bombed our schools, our malls, our movie theaters, rendering Russia or China the number one killer of American kids? Needless to say, America would have wiped either/both countries off the map the moment it happened. 

But here we are, allowing Americans to massacre our children on American soil because we’ve decided that the right to bear arms supersedes our children’s lives and mental health.

Our leaders have failed us. ALL of them.

It’s now up to us, the American people. We have to save our children. We need a federal ban on guns and a buyback plan. 

There are more guns in this country than people. Piecemeal state legislation has resulted in more gun deaths than days in the year

How do we get a federal ban? Congress can pass a law. It won’t. The president can sign an executive order. He won’t.

We look to the states. 

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