How you’re #helping #hackers empty your #bank #account

 Hackers can empty your bank account and you’re helping them.

Jason Grandeo and his family have several smart devices such as laptops, tablets, iPhones, smart TVs, the list goes on. He was worried about the security of those devices. So we brought in a cyber expert to see if it’s possible to hack into them.

“We are able to log into your wireless router and your printer,” Dr. Mark Shaneck said.

Dr. Shaneck is a professor at Liberty University who runs the cyber security club. So how did he do it? Turns out the Grandeo’s were using the device’s default password, which is listed right on their router.

“We could even turn on remote administration for the wireless router so we could connect to it from anywhere on the internet,” Shaneck said.

Shaneck went on to explain that once he was connected to the Wi-Fi, the hacker could do hacks he wasn’t even in the house. But before he could do more hacking, he hit a bit of a roadblock. So he connected to the Grandeo’s devices using a pineapple Wi-Fi. The device tricks your computer into thinking the pineapple Wi-Fi is the main one and automatically connects your computer to it. Shaneck says that’s when things get really dangerous.

“I was in control of the network traffic and I was able to redirect the requests to the banking website to my computer, which served up a similar look alike banking login page,” Shaneck said.

Shaneck was able to make clone websites that looked like the real thing. When Jason typed in his username and password on the website, Shaneck got it instantly.

“It was pretty scary, how quickly things could be set up on a web page, homeowner Jason Grandeo said.

Shaneck admitted chances are you won’t have a hacker inside your house.

But this could happen anytime you are connected to a wifi service that’s not encrypted.

“Always be cautious when you are at a hotel or something like that, so you probably don’t want to be logging into your bank account in the hotel wireless,” Shaneck said.

Shaneck said the most common way hackers attack is simply by sending you an email.

“That would then compromise your computer and then from there they could infect the rest of the network,” Shaneck said.

To protest yourself, the one thing you must do right now is change your default password on your wifi router. Jason Grandeo says he plans to do that right away.

“Probably, as soon as everybody leaves,” Grandeo said.

Hacking dangers don’t stop there.

There is also a way hackers can get into your iphone and Amazon Echo. It’s called a dolphin attack and a hacker will use ultrasound commands that the human ear can’t hear to communicate with the device.

To protect yourself, Joe Klein, a tech expert, based outside of Washington D.C. has this advice:

• Apple and Google both allow their “wake words” to be switched off so the assistants cannot be activated without permission.

• Validate that your device has been patched and updated.

• Inform visitors that you have a voice assistant is in the room, ask if that is ok.

• Some TV/Internet Streaming advertising includes Dolphin Attack during breaks, consider disabling voice assistant.

• If you are work at home, disable voice assistant during your working day – avoids accidental disclosing company confidential information.

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