Howard Community College Uses $60K Grant for Cyber Ed | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Howard Community College (HCC) in Maryland got a $60,000 boost from the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) this month to certify more students for cybersecurity jobs.

According to a news release, the local grant funding will support 17 apprentices in information technology field support, information systems security, network support and Linux system administration. The program also supports students looking to earn security clearance for cybersecurity careers in public-and private-sector industries.

“This program has been a cornerstone of our engagement with many government agencies and companies searching for talent to support the nation’s defense efforts in protecting our networks and systems,” HCC President Daria Willis said in a public statement. “Governor Wes Moore is committed to our state being the nation’s leader in cybersecurity innovation and talent production, and we’re proud to be a key partner in that vision.”

According to the news release, the grant comes after HCC received over $600,000 in federal, state, and county funding in 2020 to support IT apprenticeships. It said that since then, HCC has enrolled over 100 people in its apprenticeship program, which offers both college credits and IT certifications. The new funding also comes as many higher-ed institutions are ramping up their cybersecurity offerings amid growing demand among students for IT security training and demand among employers for qualified IT security professionals.“We are committed to helping Howard County serve the state and the nation through strong businesses and industrial support,” Jones said in a public statement. “We look forward to seeing the success of this cohort of apprentices, and the college growing as a regional and national partner in cybersecurity capacity building.”


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