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Howard County makes major improvements for pedestrian safety ahead of school year | #schoolsaftey

BALTIMORE – A number of improvements have been made to improve pedestrian safety in Howard County ahead of the new school year.

The more than 85 improvements are designed to enhance transportation connectivity, for safety and access.

“Many have been in the cue and have been planned, ensuring Howard County is a walkable community,” Howard County Executive Calvin Ball said. “However, I want to thank our team again, they accelerated many of these projects.”      

The projects include fresh coats of paint creating defined crosswalks for Howard County students and those who help students safely cross them. 

The county has 70 total crossing guard positions and is working hard to fill 22 of those positions.

“Nine have been hired, 11 are in the process, and where there are back-fills needed, the police department will have officers there,” Ball said.

The enhancement projects also include installing 20 brand-new crosswalks, ADA-compliant ramps, sidewalks, pathways and signage projects.

“It’s not only important that our children are safe but feel safe,” Ball said. “The county can help ensure that our families get to and from school and throughout their community in the safest and most accessible way possible.”

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