Hrithik Roshan`s trainer Kris Gethin on bio-hacking techniques for health and wellness | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Kris Gethin, Hrithik Roshan’s trainer and advocate for several bio-hacking methods, shares how the techniques can help people



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Encountering the term bio-hacking instantly reminds us of seemingly complex treatments like stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, and VSEL treatments. However, did you know that simpler practices like limiting your screen time before heading to sleep, or consuming organic meals also fall under the umbrella of bio-hacking? As this term creates a buzz in the fitness market, with several ‘bio-hacking outlets’ making an appearance in the country, mid-day sits down with Hrithik Roshan‘s trainer, Kris Gethin, an advocate of several hacking techniques, to understand how bio-hacking – described as do-it-yourself biology – serves the masses.

Edited excerpts from the interview.

How would you describe this term to a layman?
Bio-biohacking is combining ancestral wisdom with today’s technology. I’ll give you an example – nowadays, we stay awake till 2 am, watching the screens of our phones or computers, and exposing ourselves to artificial blue lights. Our ancestors didn’t do that. The candlelight would go out, and they would go to bed. [The body produces] melatonin, which would calm them, and help them sleep better. Today, for most of us, the levels of cortisol in our bodies is high, even at 11 pm. This is why we can’t sleep. So, blocking out the blue light that penetrates our retina with [appropriate] glasses, is a form of bio-hacking. If I go to bed early, [I am practicing a bio-hacking technique] that we have learned from our ancestors. If I wear blue-light-blocking glasses, [that’s a technique I can use due to] technological advancement.

What are some promising bio-hacking techniques you’ve tried?
One that is inexpensive is sleeping earlier. I sleep early, don’t drink or eat fried foods, and have completely eliminated sugar from my diet. I eat organic food as much as I can, try to manage my stress and meditate every morning and at night. Apart from using the blue-light-blocking glasses we spoke about, I also earth myself, which means, I take my shoes off and head to the beach in the morning. I’ll even block the EMF radiation that is emitted from our phones by carrying an EMF blocker. When I am in the USA, I also do ice baths, and a sauna for 30 minutes.

There are other bio-hacks I’ve tried, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and stem cell therapy.

Having said that, people often discount inexpensive methods and are fascinated by shiny objects. It’s like assuming you’ll be favoured by taking a variety of supplements even if you don’t adhere to a good nutrition and exercise plan. Do the free stuff first, look at the shiny objects later.

For the layman, a lot of the terms you’ve used may appear, like you called it, too fancy. If someone wants to dig deeper into this, how should they begin?
It always begins with nutrition. You are what you eat. Look at our ancestors and the things they ate, and try to consume them. Look for foods with ingredients that you can pronounce, and those with minimal ingredients. Also, make sure that you are capable of fasting. Also, perform any exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t like resistance training, do body-weight exercises at home. At the beginning, do something you enjoy. Later, you may need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. A lot of people say, ‘I didn’t feel like doing this’. Well, don’t do what you feel like doing, because you’ll probably have a short lifespan [with that approach]. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable, like our ancestors did. Which is why therapies like ice baths, and intense exercise bouts, are important. A lot of people miss their meals, and then have a massive meal later, [which may] affect their blood sugar response.
Hydration and sleep are other important factors. Without adequate recovery, you cannot dictate your exercise plan.

Going back to our discussion on stem cell therapy, how does it help in recovery for athletes?
Think of stem cells as a bank. Each time you are injured, or haven’t eaten healthy, or have had alcohol, you have been [using] stem cells from your own bank; it’s like making a withdrawal. But, you have to make investments as well. While I specifically had it to treat an injury, it has an anti-ageing effect as well. As we get older, we cannot produce healthy stem cells. If you require it, it does improve the quality of life. I know a lot of top wrestlers and basketball players who’ve tried it.

Which therapy has worked for you well?
You’ll probably think I am biased, but I’d say Vipassana was the best. I’ve tried a lot of things, and I’ve travelled overseas for different experiences to [learn] to be present – present in this conversation, and enjoy it. I want to hear what you have to say before I respond. And my mindset changed a lot after I tried Vipassana. It is important for our bodies to be in a sympathetic state when we are working out, but, for the rest of the time, we need to have control over our breath. We need to be present, and this experience helped me enhance every aspect of my life. Being in a recovery state has helped me perform better [in the gym].

Therapies Gethin discusses

Hyperbaric Oxygen:
HBOT is used as a performance-enhancing tool by athletes because it hastens recovery after bouts of intense physical exertion, or injuries. The therapy aims to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the body’s tissues. The process involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised chamber.

Stem Cell Therapy:
Referred to as master cells, stem cells are the cells that develop into blood, brain, bones, and organs, and have the potential to repair, restore, and regenerate cells. While it could possibly be used to treat medical conditions and diseases, athletes use it to gain a competitive advantage. Stem cells are injected into affected areas to promote tissue repair, and reduces inflammation. Athletes are able to return to training quickly.

Described as a way to achieve self-transformation through self-observation, Vipassana focuses on the interconnection between the mind and body. It aims to bring about awareness through mindful meditation.


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