Hueytown High School implements athletic event policy after football game gunman | #schoolsaftey

Hueytown High School rolled out a new policy on Friday outlining several restrictions for athletic events at the school three weeks after a 16-year-old boy with a handgun caused a disturbance at the football game against Ramsay High School.

“At HHS, safety is our top priority. These procedures go into effect immediately at all Hueytown High School Home Athletic Events,” the school announced Friday on its Facebook page.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief David Agee said school resource officers assigned to the Aug. 25 game between Ramsey and Hueytown saw a disturbance in the Hueytown stands and went to intervene.

A 16-year-old boy with a handgun tried to flee but was stopped by school staff and deputies.

As the teen suspect tried to elude law enforcement officers in the home-side bleachers, Hueytown assistant coach Chandler Byram sprang into action.

“As soon as an officer from Jefferson County pulled out his taser, the guy tried to make a B-line up the stairs to the pressbox,” Byram said. “I’m in the pressbox and as soon as he came around corner, I opened the door and tackled him to the ground until the cops got up there.”

Agee said the weapon was recovered and the teen was taken to juvenile detention.

There were no reports of shots fired or any injuries.

The ordeal delayed the game briefly as players dropped to the field. Announcers told the players and spectators to get down and not get up until they were given the all clear, according to those in attendance at the game.

Under the new policy, students who are not in grades 9 through 12 will not be allowed entry to games at the high school without an adult.

The school also will not allow any reentries without purchasing another ticket.

Spectators must also be picked up within 30 minutes of a game ending, and only clear bags will be allowed into games.

Fans are also banned from being on the playing surface before, during and after a game.

Fans are also instructed not to gather throughout the stadium or gym. Standing will also not be tolerated on the bleachers, according to the school.

Weapons, tobacco products, illegal drugs and artificial noise makers are banned during games.

“Failure to comply with policies will result in immediate dismissal from the event without a refund,” the school stated.

Earlier this month, Jefferson County Schools announced several district-wide security measures for athletic events in the district’s newsletter, including:

  • Additional law enforcement officers at JEFCOED stadiums.
  • School Resource Officers attending games will be equipped with handheld metal detectors that can be used if needed.
  • Weapon detection devices are being ordered. These will be portable and can be set up at different stadiums. They will be used on an as needed basis. Decisions about usage will be made based on discussions between myself, the district leadership team, the school’s principal, and law enforcement. If devices are used it does not necessarily mean that there is a threat. We might bring them out simply because we expect larger than normal crowds, and we feel the need for additional layers of security.
  • Principals have been instructed to review safety procedures and policies at athletic events. This includes everything from how fans enter venues to the strategic placement of school leaders and school resource officers to provide adequate supervision.

Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin noted that there were other security measures “that we simply can’t discuss.”

“We want to be transparent with you, but we also don’t want to give away too much information where it actually creates a security risk,” he wrote in the newsletter.

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