Hundreds of hackers taking part in MU hackathon


Hundreds of college students deprived themselves of sleep for 48 hours over the weekend in a computer hacking marathon at the University of Missouri that has tripled in size since its inaugural weekend last year.

HackMizzou, which ran through Sunday, was a “hackathon” in Columbia at which roughly 350 students competed for a $4,000 technology prize pack, the Columbia Daily Tribune reported.

Organizers said the event would yield some “amazing projects,” like Bully Finder, software created by one student hacker at last year’s event that allows parents to access their child’s social network profile and search for abusive behavior.

“The best way I can describe a hackathon is an invention competition,” said Mike Swift, commissioner of Major League Hacking, the governing body of all things hacking. “It’s a celebration of building.”

University of Missouri senior Gabrielle Perdieu, a business major who organized HackMizzou, said nearly half of the weekend’s participants were from Mizzou, while others came from the University of Illinois, Purdue University and other colleges.

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