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Hundreds of sick sex offenders free to walk streets – but dozens go missing | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Hundreds of sex offenders are walking the streets of the West Midlands after being convicted of horrific crimes. Warped predators are required to join the sex offenders register so authorities can keep track of them while they’re in society.

The idea is cops will be able to keep track of their movements and ensure they don’t pose a danger to the public. Although, we revealed earlier this week how more than half of paedophiles dealt with by police in the West Midlands last year had committed similar offences before.

All those on the sex offenders register must register with the police within three days of their conviction or release from prison. They are required to go to their local police station and sign the register.

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Offenders are required to notify cops if they are living or staying with a person aged under 18 for 12 hours or more and of any intention to travel abroad. There are a total of 4,622 registered sex offenders in the West Midlands, according to latest figures.

All of these offenders have to keep in regular contact with police as part of the requirement of being on the register, and it’s the job of the authorities to keep track of them. How long they remain on the register depends on the severity of their crimes and the length of their sentence.

Sex beasts can remain on the register indefinitely, or from two to 10 years, after they are released from prison, if they received a custodial sentence at all. Last month, we revealed how the whereabouts of dozens of sex offenders were unknown to West Midlands Police after they slipped off the radar.

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