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“Two articles from Electrek and InsideEVs describe Hyundai and Kia’s new ‘Uni Wheel’ drive system that could revolutionize EV design,” writes longtime Slashdot reader Uncle_Meataxe. From a report: Described by its makers as a “paradigm-shifting vehicle drive system,” the Uni Wheel moves the main drive system components to the vacant space within an EVs wheel hubs. The approach utilizes a planetary gear configuration consisting of a sun gear in the center, four pinion gears on each side, and a ring gear surrounding everything. Traditional ICE vehicles utilize CV joints, but by moving them closer to the wheels requires a short drive train length and as a result, a decrease in efficiency and durability — especially over bumpy terrain. Hyundai and Kia’s Uni Wheel system on the other hand, can transmit power with almost zero changes to efficiency, regardless of wheel movement. “Advantages include more platform space and more room within an EV’s interior,” adds Uncle_Meataxe. “When this system may be integrated into an actual EV remains unclear, but Kia and Hyundai have already registered eight patents related to the technology.” You can learn more about the new drive system via an instructional video on YouTube.

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