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BOSTON – Mimi DiTrani says she moved to Boston from California to seek specialized treatment from Dr. Derrick Todd at Brigham and Women’s. “I went to him because he has a specialist in very rare autoimmune rheumatological conditions, which I have,” she explained.

Rather than perform MRIs on her bones, though, she says he insisted on repeated gynecological exams and breast exams.

DiTrani is the second former patient of Dr. Derrick Todd to sue him for the alleged abuse. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court against both Todd and Brigham and Women’s, DiTrani claims she “…was sexually exploited, abused, harassed, and molested at the hands of serial sexual predator Defendant Derrick J. Todd…” and that he asked her “a series of inappropriate, invasive, and exploitative questions about her appearance, sexual history, and sexual activity.”

Mimi DiTrani spoke publicly about alleged abuse by Dr. Derrick Todd

CBS Boston

DiTrani told WBZ she came forward publicly on behalf of victims who cannot. “I am horrified, and that is why I’m here today, because I know that there’s more,” she said. “I had a hunch, and why did I go back [to him]? And that’s why I want to say it’s not your fault. These people know what they’re doing.”

In the meantime, attorney Drew Meyer of Lubin and Meyer tells WBZ he has been “inundated with phone calls” since the story first broke last week. Meyer says he now represents more than 40 victims of Dr. Todd’s, all of whom claim the rheumatologist – who specializes in arthritis – performed breast and vaginal exams on them, contacted them directly on their personal phones, and saw them in clinic alone outside traditional business hours.

Former Brigham and Women’s Doctor Derrick Todd

CBS Boston

“Many of our clients, former patients of Dr. Todd have been interviewed by the Boston Police,” Meyer said. “We’ve been working with the detectives at the Boston Police Department to ensure that their stories are appropriately reported.”

Meyer plans to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of his clients this week.

WBZ made multiple attempts to contact Dr. Todd both personally and through his attorney but did not hear back. Last week, through his attorney, Todd denied any and all allegations. 

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