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One of my best friends recently left for her honeymoon — almost two weeks of bopping around France by train — and she only took a carry-on for the trip. I’m super impressed by her packing skills! I’m an overpacker. I like to have outfit options when I travel. But I agree lugging around a giant suitcase via train wouldn’t be fun.

I could never figure out how to pack for any trip longer than a weekend in a small bag. But I recently came across a TikTok where one woman packs at least seven cute outfits, plus three pairs of shoes and toiletries, into a single duffle bag.

TikTok creator and wedding planner Maggie Marsh (@maggssmarsh) shared a post in May, packing for a trip to Italy using a garment duffel bag. The video currently has over 360,000 views. If you’re not familiar with garment duffel bags, they start as garment bags with two pockets on either side. Maggie fills the garment section with seven dresses and skirt sets and two swimsuits before zipping it up. Then she packs a pair of sandals and sneakers into one of the side pockets and a pair of raffia heels in the other. Then, she rolls the bag up to form a duffel and fills it with a pair of jeans, something that resembles T-shirts and a giant toiletry bag. Presumably, she had room, so she tucked some underwear in there after filming. But voila! She fit all of that in a single bag.

When another TikToker commented on Maggie’s major packing talent, she replied, “I could have fit even more, especially once it was zipped!”

The video made me realize a few things. One, I need to pack more vacation dresses because they’re easy, breezy, comfy and cute. Second, I need a garment duffel bag. Take a look below at a few great garment duffel bags from Amazon that are less than $60.

1. BUG Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap, $36.99 (Orig. $59.99)

The BUG Store on Amazon sells a few types of garment duffel bags, but this extra large black nylon one is simple and chic with faux leather handles. In addition to two shoe pockets, it has two internal pockets for stashing any essentials.

2. Ytonet Garment Duffle Bag, $59.99

Credit: Amazon

This faux leather duffel has a small bag for holding shoes inside and a few interior pockets. In addition to white, it comes in black with brown trim — both are equally chic. You won’t mind showing this off at the airport.

3. Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap, $45.99 (Orig. $55)

Credit: Amazon

This one is Amazon’s best-selling garment duffel bag option. (It has over 8,000 reviews!) The external sides have pockets for your passport, phone and anything else you might need to get out quickly while going through the airport.

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