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I had a sinister encounter with a sexual predator just days before he KILLED another woman | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

A woman has laid bare her chilling encounter with sexual predator and killer Victor Paleologus, who was known for luring in multiple woman by offering to make their Hollywood dreams come true as he posed as a film producer. 

In 2003, Victor roamed the Century City mall in Los Angeles looking to spot a beautiful woman who would soon fall victim to his deadly scheme. 

It was then that he met 21-year-old Kristine ‘Kristi’ Johnson and enticed her with an audition to become the next Bond Girl. However, just two weeks after meeting Victor, Kristi’s lifeless body was found by hikers in a nearby ravine. 

Nearly three decades later, Kristi’s story will feature in a new episode of Dateline that will air on Friday night, with another woman speaking about her chilling interaction with Victor.

In an exclusive clip shared with DailyMail.com, key witness Alice Walker speaks out for the first time on the NBC show in a sit-down interview with Keith Morrison.

Alice Walker has laid bare her chilling encounter with a sexual predator and killer Victor Paleologus, who was known for luring multiple woman into traps

Alice recalls the eerie encounter she had with Victor and how she later came to discover the killer was preying on her at the same time as Kristi.

She said during their ‘very strange’ meeting she ‘did this walk in circles’ and then Victor had her ‘cross my legs and then… poke one ankle over the other ankle.’

‘And it was just very important that my ankles were really, really tight,’ she added. 

Upon hearing her story, Keith responds, ‘That’s strange,’ with Alice echoing: ‘Very strange.’ 

In a voice over, the reporter adds: ‘But not frightening… yet. Then Victor told her she would have to come back again when the director was available, and so a few days later, she did.

‘But, there was still no director and this time, it got a little weird. When he told her to try on the neck tie he had brought with him.’ 

Alice then continues her story: ‘So what I did is, he put the necktie on, and I put my thumb in front of the knot so that he couldn’t tie a necktie on me for real. And I just kept my finger there….’ 

Keith questions: ‘You really did that?’

Now, a new episode of the podcast is set to detail another woman’s terrifying brush with death (the building where Alice met with Victor)
The trailer for the episode begins with a sit-down interview with Alice and Keith
The trailer for the episode begins with a sit-down interview with Alice and Keith

She replied: ‘Yeah, I took the necktie off, I went to leave. He said, “Well let’s try again in a day or two. I’ll see what the schedule is.”‘

The clip also shows the spot where Victor lured Alice to.

Friday night’s episode will also include interviews with another key witness Cathy DeBuono. 

In 2003, Victor roamed the Century City mall in Los Angeles looking to spot a beautiful woman who would soon become victim to his deadly scheme

Alice’s shocking story became even creepier when she discovered what the man she had met had done to Kristi. 

Before she was found dead, Kristi’s roommate told investigators that the aspiring star ‘was very excited when she came home because she was going to audition for a James Bond clip.’

Former prosecutor Ronald E. Bowers shed further light on the details of Kristi’s exchange with the man she met at the mall, previously telling Oxygen’s Real Murders Of Los Angeles: ‘She was told if she had a white blouse, black miniskirt, nylons and stiletto heels, that would really impress.’

The man also told Kristi the job would pay $100,000.

Kristi had worked as a makeup artist but when she went off to the supposed audition she had been working at a cell phone company, the Los Angeles Times reported.

On February 15, she headed up to the Hollywood Hills in her white Mazda Miata and stopped to ask directions.

Kristi’s mother Terry Hall reported her daughter missing after she failed to show up to work two days later.

To figure out what happened to the 21-year-old, a tip line was established for the public to call in with any information about Kristi.

Kristine ‘Kristi’ Johnson (pictured with mom Terry Hall) was just 21 when a stranger approached her at an LA mall and told her he was film producer looking for the next Bond girl
He arranged to meet her in the Hollywood Hills for the audition. Pictured is Kristi
Just over two weeks later, Kristi’s body would be found by hikers in a nearby ravine. She’s pictured as a child

Hundreds of calls flooded in, including from three women – one of whom was Susan Murphy – who recalled a similar story to Kristi’s.

Susan told investigators that she had been at the same mall where Kristi had been on January 24 when she was sought out by a man who asked her to audition for a Bond movie.

Another detail that stuck out was Susan revealed she was also asked to wear an identical outfit described by Kristi to her roommate.

Wary of the situation, Susan took her boyfriend when she met the man for a second time the following day.

When they requested identification from him, the man, who would eventually be identified by Susan as Victor, ran off.

Other women who came forward had near identical experiences to Susan and Kristi, and their stories matched his pattern of criminal history.

For example in 1989, Victor, posing as a Columbia Records executive, attacked Christine Kludjian, then 21, in a hotel room after he invited her to a music industry party.

She was able to escape and Victor was handed three years’ probation for false imprisonment by violence.

Tragically for Kristi (seen as a child), almost three weeks after she first met Victor, hikers found her body in a Hollywood Hills ravine on March 3

Nearly a decade later, in 1998, he was accused of the attempted rape of a 24-year-old woman, again luring her in with the opportunity to appear in a Bond film. He was sentenced to prison time, but was released on parole in 2003 after spending three years and five months behind bars, the LA Times reported.

But tragically for Kristi, almost three weeks after she first met Victor, hikers found her body in a Hollywood Hills ravine on March 3.

Her hands and ankles had been tied up, and she had been strangled.

Victor dodged the possibility of the death penalty when he pleaded guilty in 2006 to murdering Kristi.

Instead, the then 44-year-old was sentenced to 25 years to life.

In July 2023, a group organized to honor the 21-year-old, known as Justice For Kristi, campaigned to block her killer’s potential release on parole.

Almost 20 years after he was imprisoned, Victor was scheduled for a parole hearing.

‘Paleologus doesn’t deserve freedom and a second chance to endanger another innocent victim. Before Kristi’s murder, he demonstrated how chronically dangerous he is when in 1998, he was convicted of rape of Heather Maher,’ the group said in a statement at the time.

‘He served five years at Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo and was released on January 20, 2003.’

Eventually, the killer waived his right to a parole hearing and will not be eligible again until 2025.

‘What a weight off of my back this is,’ Kristi’s mom Terry told Oxygen.com after hearing the news.

‘It’s interesting, sometimes in life you don’t realize what a big burden you’re carrying until it’s lifted from you.’

Friday’s special episode of Dateline entitled The Girl With The Hibiscus Tattoo will air on NBC at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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