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I know the secret to free chicken McNuggets — people are lovin’ this hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

He’s thinking outside the Happy Meal box.

North Wales TikToker Ashley Osbourne, who goes by the username @ozzy_on_a_mission, is known for his money-saving McDonald’s hacks.

Some 4.6 million viewers have watched Osbourne’s latest drop, where he shows customers how to seemingly get two free chicken McNuggets.

Instead of ordering a large meal with six nuggets, which costs $7.55 where he lives — he recommends ordering two four-piece McNugget Happy Meals for $7.41. That way, Osbourne reasons, you get two drinks, two bags of fries and eight nuggets for less than the six-pack.

“You also get toys on top,” one user clapped.

One of Ashley Osbourne’s hacks nabbed him eight chicken nuggets for less than the cost of a six-pack.

“I always do this! One nug Happy Meal and one cheeseburger Happy Meal, best of both worlds,” another shared.

But some TikTok food critics highlighted the flaws in his nugget of wisdom, arguing that McDonald’s prices vary depending on the location. Each McDonald’s franchise can control its own prices.

“It’s 2 fries, but it’s 2 small fries, which equals a medium fries, not large fries,” a naysayer pointed out.

“But the drinks and fries are half the size of a medium, so technically you’re only getting 2 extra nuggets and less drink and fries. Not a hack,” one echoed.

Another commenter joked that  Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis “is shaking in his boots I bet” from Osbourne’s tip.

Man shares savvy tip for getting free McDonald's nuggets and fans can't wait to try
A TikToker has two viral tips for saving money at the Golden Arches.

The content creator previously shared another McDonald’s hack, where he explained how to get four Chicken Selects for the price of three.

For this trick, customers should order a three-pack of Chicken Selects and one Sweet Chili Crispy Chicken Wrap — just the wrap. In the customized menu, Osbourne deselected all condiments and the tortilla to receive the bonus chicken. 

Another viral McDonald’s patron was recently stunned to find his order of a sausage McMuffin came with a side of thousands of dollars.


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