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A ROMANCE scam has caused a woman to be blinded by love and out of $10,000.

The unnamed woman from North Carolina met the person who scammed her out of her cash on a dating app for singles over 50. 

The woman said she felt like a ‘sucker’ for falling for the scamCredit: WFMY
A different woman also trusted someone who messaged her on social mediaCredit: WFMY
The first woman sent $10,000 twice to her ‘lover’Credit: WFMY

The hopeless romantic explained she felt there was trust between her and the scammer because they would talk frequently and FaceTime, she told local CBS affiliate WFMY.

Her lover eventually told her that he needed money for an emergency and even wrote up a loan agreement that he would repay it.

However, the man she fell for stole her money and she is left feeling helpless over the situation.

“Must have had sucker written across my forehead,” the woman told WFMY. 

Love and trust led her to take out $10,000 from her bank and send it to “help” her online significant other who claimed to be in need.

“I withdrew $10,000 first,” she said.

The woman said she took out another $9,950 as well, making the total she was scammed out of $19,950.

“And then another one for $9,950,” she said. 

The woman was not alone as another fell for a similar romance scam.

A second woman also shared her story with WFMY but said her scammer came onto her in her direct messages on social media. 

I lost $1,000 minutes after going to the ATM – I hadn’t even swiped my card but a sneaky new device still stole my info_

She said she saw the message and was not suspicious of it so she started to have a conversation with them. 

“I opened it up and he just started talking saying hi, asking me, you know where I lived, what I did, basic normal conversation,” she said.

She ended up sending money to the person she thought she could trust as well – but ended up losing it all.

Local police who dealt with the woman’s romance scam said it can be difficult to track down the scammers in these situations as they work behind fake names or encrypted phone numbers.

“If they’re using offshore accounts or if they’re using a voice-over IP phone number, those can a lot of times be encrypted, which makes it extremely difficult,” local police told WFMY. 

“When it comes to court orders and search warrants and actually tracking – Tracking the true identity of the person behind that phone call.”

People should also especially be wary of romance scams as Valentine’s Day approaches. 

Ben Michael, a lawyer at M&A Criminal Defense Attorneys, told The U.S. Sun last week that romance scams trying to get your money can show up in all different forms including dating apps or other dating scenarios.

“Romance scams can take many shapes and forms,” Michael said.

“But essentially what they all boil down to is one person deceiving another through a romantic connection to get the person to invest in something or to steal their money.”

Love and trust led her to take out $10,000 from her bank and send it to ‘help’ her online significant otherCredit: WFMY

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