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“I Scripted Somethin Called a…”- Roblox Teen Hackers Are Explaining How They Are Targeting Vulnerable Peers | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Roblox is a game that boasts a massive player base. Released in 2006, the game offers its players a unique platform to express their creativity. That is, the game offers its players a game creation platform where they can program their very own games.


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It can be said that Roblox is a budding ground for the gaming community. Especially because the player base largely includes teenagers. This particular reason makes Roblox vulnerable and susceptible in the eyes of hackers. There have been a lot of reports of incidents that validate this statement.

Roblox Crimes: A hub of hackers


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Roblox is an amazing platform that offers unique features to its consumers. But, it also is a very vulnerable place to be, if you are not careful. Hackers are there in every nook and corner, ready to pounce on their victims, if they are not careful. These can come in many forms, maybe as a third-party website that offers items of Roblox at a very cheap rate or as fake exchange promises.

Source: GamingWithKev YT

The part that makes it more dangerous is the fact that there are teenagers who are a part of such rings. According to a report by Luke Winkie, there are teenage hackers in these criminal scams.

“I scripted something called a pin cracker. I run it, crack their pin, and it auto-unverifies their email,” a teen hacker told through discord to Winkie.

There are dedicated active discord servers that boast many hackers when you dig deep in the criminal dark shadows of Roblox. These places offer tricks to hack and how to loot someone.


They like to call their feats of hacking achievements as ‘Beams’ and can be seen boasting about them in their forum. Unfortunately, the people who mostly fall prey to such ordeals are other teenagers. They invest the pocket money that they have saved for a while into some portals or platforms that offers some ‘glittering’ deals and soon as to get into it, their hard-earned inventory from the game is wiped.


Why Did Nintendo Once Ban the Fan-Favorite Roblox Game?

about 2 months ago

Victims of ‘Beaming’ and the profit of the hackers


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These hackers, who mainly are teenagers, get away with looting big figures from the victims. Moreover, interestingly, their parents are not even raising an eyebrow of suspicion when their kid has such a flow of income at a young age. This can be validated by the conversation Luke Winkie had with the hacker.

“I spend the money on my friends and stuff. I buy something from Amazon for my room, stuff like that,” he says. “My parents don’t know. They ask where I get the money for everything. I just make excuses and they believe me.” The hacker was seen saying.


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The number of middlemen in games, not just Roblox, is tremendous. We can find such from just simply browsing deeply on the net. The only thing to do is to be careful and hope the legal authorities and the developers of these games take some steps to curb such dangerous problems.

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