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I tried Hailey Bieber’s trendy makeup hack — my makeup has never looked better | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

No bones about it — less is more when it comes to this trendy makeup look.

Hailey Bieber — hailed for her glazed donut nails, slicked-back bun and “clean girl” aesthetic — has once again influenced fans to switch up their beauty routines, this time in favor of “underpainting.”

The A-lister’s makeup artist, Mary Phillips — who also glams up Bieber’s pal, Kendall Jenner — has an unusual foundation hack that creates a seamless, skin-like finish.

Bieber’s devotees are rushing to trial the trick on TikTok, clocking up 11.8 million views and counting to the hashtag “#maryphillipsmakeup.”

It all starts with contour — yep, you heard that right.

In a clip on Phillips’ TikTok account — which she created this week as her technique went viral — the celebrity MUA details each step of her model application.

Bieber has been hailed as the “clean girl” aesthetic trendsetter, with her knack for everything sleek, simple and chic.
Mary Phillips on TikTok doing makeup
Mary Phillips, the makeup artist behind the beauty looks of A-listers Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, wowed TikTok with her foundation technique.
victorialyn TickTock

“It’s like laying down the bones under the skin,” she says in a clip with 2.1 million views. “So, the contour and highlight be the bones and the skin being the foundation.”

After the primer application, Phillips goes in with a contour stick from Westman Atelier, which retails for $48, using a brush to blend in the product. She applies it under her cheekbones, just above her temples, on her forehead and down each side of her nose.

Next, she dabs a bright concealer from NARS under her eyes, down the bridge of her nose and on her chin and forehead. Finally, taking a fluffy brush, she buffs a light layer of $65 Chanel Vitalumière foundation all over her face, finishing off the base layer with a swath of NudeStix’s blush-bronzer in Sunkissed on the cheeks and nose.

Skeptics raised an eyebrow at the method, worried that the foundation would cover anything underneath — yet they seemed pleasantly surprised it shined through.

“I will never do my makeup differently,” one TikToker gushed in the caption of her video recreating the look.

“This is actually the best my makeup has ever looked,” another TikToker confessed in her own video, where she was taken aback by the results. “Maybe less is more.”

“It really doesn’t look as heavy as my makeup would look if I did foundation first, then concealer, then contour on top,” a creator who goes by “Sash” said in a video with over 380,000 views.

Beauty guru Tara Sigari pinned her typical skin routine against Phillips’ tutorial, applying her own method to one side of her face, and the viral technique to the other.

“Listen, I will be doing her way all the time now,” Sigari raved in her clip with 5.6 million views.

While thousands of users praised the approach, others who reportedly suffer from textured or acne-prone skin weren’t so convinced the formula is universally flawless.

“Thing is… with this method u need to have completely clear skin for it to look good,” one user commented on Sigari’s clip.

TikTok of makeup
Several users who attempted the trending look were blown away by the results.
victorialyn TickTock
TikTok of girl doing makeup
The key is to lay down the “bones” of the face — where the foundation is the “skin” — to create a soft, glam look that seems natural.
victorialyn TickTock
TikToker doing makeup
Now, the technique has a hold on Bieber and Jenner fans as they attempt to create the look on themselves.
victorialyn TickTock

Other users who described themselves as people with textured skin said they were “obsessed” with the results, calling it their “new favorite” method and giving it an — emoji — round of applause.

Phillips is glad fans are nailing her approach.

“I am loving seeing everyone’s videos recreating my technique,” she said on TikTok.


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