I Was a Bad Boss, Not a Child Molester | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider says there’s no question that he was a “bad leader” at times—but he’s not a child sexual abuser. Schneider is suing the creators of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, claiming that he was falsely portrayed as a child sexual abuser in the “hit job” series, Variety reports.

  • “While it is indisputable that two bona fide child sexual abusers worked on Nickelodeon shows, it is likewise indisputable that Schneider had no knowledge of their abuse, was not complicit in the abuse, condemned the abuse once it was discovered and, critically, was not a child sexual abuser himself,” the lawsuit states. “But for the sake of clickbait, ratings, and views—or put differently, money—Defendants have destroyed Schneider’s reputation and legacy through the false statements and implications that Schneider is exactly that.”

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