IBM snaps up tiny San Francisco cybersecurity visualization startup

IBM announced on Mnday that it’s acquiring a small, San Francisco-based risk visualization startup called Agile 3 Solutions. The company, which lists six employees on LinkedIn, was founded in 2009 by longtime IBM engineer Raghu Varadan. Terms of the deal were not released.

Agile 3 Solutions makes software that helps executives visualize and manage cybersecurity risks. Rather than simply giving executives raw data around cybercrime, the company’s software is designed to help contextualize risk, and make the case for bigger investments in cybersecurity products.

That’s of interest to IBM Security, the division that’s acquiring Agile 3 Solutions, as it could help them ultimately sell more cybersecurity products. IBM Security says Agile 3’s software will be folded into IBM Guardium.

“Adding Agile 3 Solutions to the IBM Security immune system of capabilities gives our team the ability to not only protect critical data, but demonstrate why it is at risk, and how to remediate that risk,” said Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager of IBM Security, in a statement. “Knowing what your crown jewel data is, and understanding its susceptibility to exploitation via external or insider threats, is an imperative for any organization.”

The deal marks the 20th company that IBM Security has acquired so far. Varadan spent nearly 10 years at IBM, exiting the company in 2009 as the chief architect for IBM Global Business Services, according to Varadan’s LinkedIn page.


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