Identity theft suspect linked to stolen mail

Colorado Springs police arrest a man linked to a major identity theft lab affecting people in both Black Forest and Colorado Springs.

Officers said 32-year-old Armando Gallegos was pulled over for a traffic stop, and was subsequently arrested on a warrant related to an identity theft case.

Inside the car, officers found several forged ID’s, checks, credit cards, a gun and drugs. Gallegos admitted to postal inspectors that he stole mail in Black Forest and Colorado Springs to alter and manufacture checks.

In his home, detectives found an ID theft lab complete with laptop computers, printers, altered IDs and checks. They also found several garbage bags of unopened mail.

The number of victims is estimated to be more than 100 people. So far, he is facing charges in seven cases.

If you have any information that would help officers or think you have been a victim, call police.


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