Identity Theft

Darren Needham, 31, of the 1900 block of 79th Street, Chicago, was arrested and charged with retail theft after being accused trying to make off with three bottles of booze from Jewel, according to Homewood police reports.

An employee at the store, 3153 W. 183rd St., reported seeing Needham take a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila and two bottles of Barcardi rum off the shelves, conceal them on his person and try to leave the store without paying for them. The total cost of the liquor was $39.97, the report stated.


Forgery, Identity Theft

Jay Dickens, 48, of the 15900 block of Wabash Avenue, South Holland, was arrested and charged with forgery, identity theft and possession of a stolen credit card after being accused of using someone else’s identity to open a Kohl’s credit account and charge purchases on it, according to Homewood police reports

A loss prevention agent for the store, 17620 S. Halsted St., contacted police after he believed Dickens used a phony state ID to open a store account, the report stated. The ID Dickens gave the store did not have a hologram and the name on identification did not match Dickens’s physical description, the report added.

As police pulled up to the store, Dickens was approved for store credit, and he used it to buy a gift card for $500 and a $25 McDonald’s gift card, the report stated. Initially, Dickens went to leave the store, but he turned around and used his gift card and the gift card to buy a Shark Vacuum and another gift card, the report added. Between both transactions, Dickens charged $1,254.99 to the new account.

Police approached Dickens in the store parking lot as he was loading the vacuum into the back of a Jeep Cherokee, the report stated. Dickens then threw a wallet into the back of the vehicle and started to walk away from the Cherokee, the report added.

Police caught up with Dickens and found multiple IDs and pieces of paper with other people’s credit card and social security numbers, as well as other identifying information, on him, the report stated.


Felony Retail Theft

Katelyn Chavez, 24, of the 500 block of Matthews Street, Gary, was arrested and charged with felony retail theft after being accused of shoplifting Aug. 18 from Kohl’s, according to Homewood police reports.

The loss prevention agent for the store, 17620 S. Halsted St., called police after seeing Chavez concealing store merchandise and then leaving, the report stated. Police arrived after Chavez had returned to the store with a different purse, the report added.

Chavez then entered a dressing room with numerous items, the report stated. When she exited the dressing room, her purse was bulging in a way that it wasn’t when she entered, the report added.

Chavez left the store and got into a waiting vehicle in the store’s parking lot, the report stated. Police stopped the vehicle and recovered two purses with Kohl’s merchandise in them, the report added.


DUI, Speeding

Tashe Adkins, 21, of the 4900 block of 187th Street, Country Club Hills, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs, speeding, illegal transportation of open alcohol and driving with an expired license after an Aug. 17 traffic stop, according to Homewood police reports.

At about 11:42 p.m., police clocked Adkins going 51 mph in a 35-mph zone in the 2500 block of 183rd Street, the report stated. The officer stopped Adkins at 183rd Street and Cowing Court, the report added.

During the stop, the officer detected the smell of marijuana coming from inside the car, the report stated. Police also found an open bottle of New Amsterdam vodka and small amounts of a green plant-like substance on the front seat’s floor during a search of the vehicle, the report added.



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