IIT-BHU website hacked, no data stolen, says institute

VARANASI: IIT-BHU officials on Wednesday claimed that no data was lost or information stolen when a self-proclaimed Pakistani group allegedly hacked and defaced the official website of the institute on Tuesday night.
The website was hacked along with those of other prominent educational institutes, including IIT-Delhi, DU and AMU. The institute officials claimed to have restored their web portals within an hour of being hacked.
The officials said a group of hackers codenamed Pakistan Haxors Crew (PHC) had hacked websites of about 10 educational institutes, including IIT-BHU, apparently in response to an Indian who had hacked Pakistan’s railway website.
The Pakistani hackers left their signature on the site: “Nothing deleted or stolen.Just here to deliver my message to the Indians.”

The IIT-BHU officials said there was no loss of data or vital information related to students in the incident and the institute technical team fixed the website and made it operational within an hour.
IIT-BHU director Prof Rajeev Sangal said, “We have not lost any data to hacking.”
“The domain name service server for IIT-BHU website had been hacked as a result of which it was showing pro-Pakistan messages. The matter was brought into our notice at about 4 pm on Tuesday evening by some of our alumni members based in the US.Surprisingly , when we checked the portal from our end, things seemed OK. But, after pro-Pakistan messages were visible, our IT department got working,” said Sangal, adding that the website was restored within an hour.
The director added that the technical team was working to strengthen security of the system. IIT-BHU registrar S P Mathur said hacking was taken care of within an hour of detection.


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