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Illegal School Vans Put Kids’ Safety On The Edge | Bhopal News | #schoolsaftey

Bhopal: Think twice before sending your kids in school vans. Reason: Several school vans running on roads without carrying proper licences and authorizations. RTO has launched a drive and caught a couple of such vans in the past few days. In all, there are around 4,500 vans running in Bhopal and around 20% of them are illegal.
These unregulated school vans pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of the children they transport. Not only are they operating illegally, but they also disregard safety regulations by overcrowding the vehicles and conducting multiple rounds to maximize profits. This not only puts the children at risk of accidents but also compromises their overall safety and security.
School teachers said that it is crucial for parents and authorities to prioritize the safety of children and take necessary steps to ensure that the school vans they use are licensed and regulated.
A school teacher said that the background checks are indeed essential in ensuring the safety of children. “Parents should verify the legitimacy of the school van services by checking if they have a valid license and the necessary permissions to operate. This can be done by contacting local authorities or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to inquire about the vans’ legitimacy,” said a teacher, Shalini Shrivastava. Parents should also consider conducting their own investigations by checking for reviews or seeking recommendations from other parents who have used the same van service. “This can help gather information about the reliability and safety track record of the service provider,” she added. It is also suggested that the local authorities, such as the RTO, should also take immediate action to crack down on these unlicensed school van services. “Regular inspections, strict enforcement of regulations, and penalties for violations should be implemented to ensure the safety of children,” said another teacher.
With more and more students opting to travel in these vans, the risk of potential accidents and mishaps also increases. The fact that some of these vans were seized during the drive indicates that there may be serious safety violations and negligence on the part of the van operators.
One of the main causes of concern is the lack of control that schools claim to have over these independently running vehicles. While the schools may not directly operate these vans, they do bear responsibility for the safety of their students during school hours.
“It is crucial for schools to ensure that proper measures are in place to select reliable and trustworthy vendors for transportation services,” said an RTO official.
There should be regular monitoring and evaluation of these vans to ensure they meet safety standards. This includes verifying the qualifications and backgrounds of the drivers, ensuring regular vehicle maintenance, and installing safety features like seat belts and emergency exits.
Parents, on the other hand, also play a vital role in ensuring the safety of their children. It is important for them to thoroughly check the transportation options available, inquire about the track record of the van operators, and communicate their concerns and expectations.

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