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Disciplines and Resignations Shake Legal Community

In a recent series of orders issued on September 21, the Illinois Supreme Court made significant decisions regarding the professional conduct of several lawyers and two former judges. The disciplinary actions ranged from suspensions to disbarments. Here’s a breakdown of the notable cases:

Chicago Lawyer James Thomas Rollins: Suspended for Faking Documents

Chicago Lawyer’s Capital Contribution Scheme

Chicago-based attorney James Thomas Rollins faced allegations of falsifying documents to create the impression that he had fulfilled a significant portion of his firm’s capital contribution by personally making vendor payments. Subsequently, Rollins paid the total $100,000 capital contribution but was handed a five-year suspension.

Sugar Grove Attorney Alison H. Motta: Hot Mic Outburst

Lawyer’s Hot Mic Obscenity Leads to Suspension

Alison H. Motta, a lawyer from Sugar Grove, Illinois, was in trouble after an open microphone incident. Following an unfavorable ruling, Motta was recorded muttering an obscenity, describing the decision as “f- – -ing bulls- – -.” As a result, she received a 90-day suspension, with the possibility of a complete stay if she completes one year of probation.

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Retired Judge Patricia Manila Martin: Embezzlement Accusations

Retired Judge Accused of Embezzling from Elderly Veteran

Former Cook County, Illinois, Judge Patricia Manila Martin faced grave accusations of embezzling over $246,000 from a former Tuskegee Airman who was related to her through marriage. The elderly man was residing in a nursing home at the time of the alleged theft. Martin voluntarily agreed to disbarment.

Former Judge Philip Eugene Prewitt: Threats and Misconduct

Former Judge Suspended for Threatening Rival and Misconduct

Philip Eugene Prewitt, a former Macon County, Missouri judge, was accused of using threats and misconduct to dissuade a rival from running against him in a judicial election. Prewitt was recorded discussing plans to reveal the rival’s husband’s affairs and likening her to “Hillary Clinton protecting that predator.” As a result, he received an indefinite suspension with a two-year ban on applying for reinstatement. Notably, Prewitt had already been suspended in Missouri for at least two years in a prior case.

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La Grange Highlands Lawyer Jan R. Kowalski: Disbarred for Bankruptcy Misconduct

Lawyer Disbarred for Misusing Attorney Trust Account

Jan R. Kowalski, an attorney from La Grange Highlands, Illinois, faced disbarment for concealing assets in bankruptcy proceedings using her attorney trust account. Kowalski voluntarily consented to disbarment.

Chicago Lawyer Hassan Ali Abbas: Suspended for Internet Scams

Lawyer’s Involvement in Internet Scams Leads to Suspension

Hassan Ali Abbas, a lawyer from Chicago, Illinois, was convicted of internet scams, including romance scams that utilized deceptive online dating profiles to extract money from victims. Abbas received an interim suspension.

These recent actions taken by the Illinois Supreme Court serve as a reminder of the legal community’s commitment to upholding professional standards and maintaining the integrity of the legal profession.

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