I’m a home whizz – my easy Ikea hack means you can create stylish panelling in seconds without any DIY skills | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

DO you want to create panelling in your home but can’t be bothered to spend hours doing advanced DIY?

Thankfully a home whizz has revealed how to achieve the stylish panelling look in seconds, with minimal effort.

A woman has shared how she created beautiful panelling in her bedroom using photo framesCredit: filiz.interior/TikTok
She picked up cheap frames from Ikea and painted them whiteCredit: filiz.interior/TikTok

The woman revealed that all you need to buy is Ikea photo frames and stick them on your doors or wall.

On her @filiz.interior account, she explained: “Wall panelling with Ikea frame.”

She picked up a number of large Ikea frames and then sanded them before painting them white.

The home expert then stuck them, evenly-spaced, onto her wall.

Finally she painted the bottom half of her wall a light beige colour, and the finished result was very chic indeed.

Her home transformation video has racked up over 100,000 likes and clearly impressed homeowners.

One person said: “you win IKEA hack of the month.”

Another added: “work smarter not harder.”

And a third commented: “This is actually genius.”

The frames were initially black but she sanded and painted themCredit: filiz.interior/TikTok
The woman attached the frames to the wallCredit: filiz.interior/TikTok
She painted the bottom half of her walls and the panelling a beige colourCredit: filiz.interior/TikTok


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