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I’m a mom of 2 — here’s my hack to enjoying New Year’s Eve in peace | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Parents are adopting a growing New Year’s Eve trend of tricking their tots into thinking it’s midnight, when it’s actually much earlier.

“If you have littles, let this be your sign to let them dress up fancy on NYE and put last year’s countdown on the TV via YouTube at 8 p.m,” mom-of-two Jamie Rose captioned a viral TikTok this week.

Rose believes the genius throwback hack allows pooped parents to enjoy the holiday without rambunctious kids running around — and they don’t wake up grumpy the next day. Other clever caretakers are getting in on the fun.

“How to trick your kids to an early bedtime on New Year’s Eve… play last years NYE ball drop,” one single mom suggested.

Jamie Rose starts the New Year’s Eve countdown early to get her kids into bed before midnight.
sending kids to bed early on new years eve
Sending children to bed earlier allows them to get adequate sleep.

“This is the BEST mom & dad hack for spending New Year’s Eve with your small children! Help them celebrate while still getting them in bed by 8 by searching ‘New Year’s Eve Countdown Kids,’” another elated parent shared Thursday on TikTok.

Rose’s brilliant broadcast brought 582,000 views, with parents expressing excitement about testing this tradition.

One parent resolved, “We are going to do this for our daughter this year — she wants a party and won’t last until midnight 😊 .”

Another commenter divulged, “I used to run a pub. We opened at 6 & kids were out at 9. We played this & gave them a glass of Shloer to toast.”

While a third recalled, “When I was younger my parents just took us to their parties, and we’d just fall asleep on random chairs and sofas while they partied lol.”

Rose revealed she would often sleep in a chair as a kid while her parents partied, which probably sparked this New Year’s Eve cunning custom.


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