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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) hacking scene is rapidly progressing, with hackers making significant progress towards achieving Homebrew support on various PS5 firmwares. However, in these early days, one firmware stands out as the frontrunner for hacking: 4.03.

One notable factor in PS5 hacking is the preference for the Disc Edition over the Digital Edition. Gamers and hackers alike find the Disc Edition more valuable due to its compatibility with various tools and exploits. The initial BD-JB exploit, for example, relied on the Blu-Ray APIs of the console, which necessitated a disc drive. While the gap between disc-based and webkit exploits has been narrowing, the need for a disc edition for certain hacks remains prevalent.

Furthermore, exploits utilizing PS4 gamesave entry points, such as flatz’s Hypervisor exploit, are likely to require discs. Without a disc drive, owners of the Digital Edition would limit their options for potential exploits. Similarly, recent releases like Illusion’s 60FPS PS5 patches necessitate a legitimate copy of the game, which can only be activated if the PS5 was already activated before hacking.

The discrepancy between the Digital and Disc Editions may eventually diminish as PS5 hacking progresses. However, at present, the Digital Edition falls short in terms of available hacking possibilities.

In the realm of firmwares, version 4.03 has emerged as the preferred choice for PS5 hacking. Owners of hackable PS5 consoles are advised not to update beyond this firmware, as lower firmwares are generally more valuable for hacking purposes. Firmware 4.03 is currently the main focus of many hackers developing tools and exploits due to its accessibility and compatibility.

Sleirsgoevy’s self-dumper tool, for instance, is specifically tailored for firmware 4.03, making it challenging to port to other firmwares. The ps5-self-dumper, a tool to dump decrypted ELF files and Libraries, solely runs on firmware 4.03 as well. While efforts to make these tools compatible with other firmwares are ongoing, 4.03 owners enjoy an advantage in terms of available tools.

Trusted developers in the hacking scene, like Illusion and SpecterDev, also operate on firmware 4.03, further highlighting its significance in the current state of PS5 hacking.

Overall, while developers strive to ensure compatibility across multiple firmwares, users on firmware 4.03 have an easier time due to the presence of tools specifically designed for their system. As the hacking scene continues to evolve, it is expected that compatibility with other firmwares will improve, ultimately bridging the gap between the Digital and Disc Editions and expanding hacking possibilities for all PS5 users.

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