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12 July 2023

Roger Jaensch,

Minister for Education, Children and Youth

The Rockliff Liberal Government is committed to meeting the needs of children and young people in the out-of-home care system, as well as supporting their families and carers.

Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Roger Jaensch said the Government is investing heavily in improving outcomes for children and young people who require child safety services and out of home care, including through our Strong Families Safe Kids reforms.

“It is clear our reforms are working with the number of children in out of home care decreasing,” Minister Jaensch said.

“We established the Children’s Commissioner’s Monitoring Program in 2018 to ensure the out-of-home care system was independently monitored and further strengthen transparency in the system.

“Our Government is investing about $60 million per year into out of home care for family-based care, salaried care packages, sibling group care, residential care, emergency care and respite care.

“Costs associated with out of home care vary year on year depending on the number of children requiring care, and the intensity of the care they need.  There has been no reduction in program funding.

“Our Government is also increasing transparency in the child safety system by broadening the data publicly available on the human services dashboard. We are building public knowledge and confidence by releasing more data about the reformed system, as well as supporting better monitoring of outcomes for children in care.”

A range of child and youth safety data is available to the Children’s Commissioner on a quarterly basis, and we will continue to work constructively to support the monitoring reporting.

The Government also combined services into a single department, the Department for Education, Children and Young People, creating a unique opportunity to develop a child-centric view of the wellbeing of children in care, with greater visibility already available on learning outcomes.

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