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The Government of India has announced the launch of the National Cybersecurity Reference Framework (NCRF) to provide structured guidance on cybersecurity for the country’s critical sectors, including telecom, power and energy, transport, finance, strategic and government agencies and healthcare.

This important initiative is being implemented by the National Centre for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection as part of a project funded by the National Security Council Secretariat, according to a press release.

An event was organised in Pune at an Indian multinational technology services company where the national cyber security coordinator, Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, announced that the first version of the NCRF document had been finalised and was ready for public release.

The NCRF will be a guiding document for critical sector organisations when developing governance and management systems as well as architectural frameworks for information technology and operational technology systems.

The NCRF will be continually updated to reflect the application of new technologies.
Trinity Mirror, a partner of the TV BRICS network, writes about this.

Organisations can use the NCRF to improve cybersecurity, reduce the risk of data breaches, ensure compliance, increase customer confidence and improve operational efficiency, the release adds.



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