India unknowingly #helping #hackers working for #North Korea

In a shocking revelation, a New York Times post reveals that almost one-fifth of North Korea’s cyber attacks originate from India.

North Korea is known for its onslaught of cyber attacks and it is now revealed very few of these originate from its own soil. Its hackers are stationed in other countries that launch cyber attacks on behalf of North Korea.

We’ve seen the massive Sony hack, cyber robbery from the New York Federal Reserve and the most recent WannaCry ransomware. Furthermore, experts have been warning that Pyongyang has the power to carry out a terrifying nuclear attack that can wipe off over 90 percent of the US population.

Now, reports point out how India may be playing a vital role, though unknowingly. The report by New York Times explains that Kim Jong-Un has been working at improving Pyongyang’s cyber warfare capabilities. However, North Korea, which is isolated from the world, has very little infrastructure to help them. So, the brains behind this are identified and sent to China at an early age for a special training. And, they continue to work from abroad, from countries that don’t have strict cyber laws.

The DailyO report, citing Recorded Future, claims that there is enough evidence to prove that one-fifth of Pyongyang’s cyber attacks originate from India. Though this happening unknowingly, there is the need to tighten the cyber laws in India, in order to improve security.


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