Indian hackers pay homage to 26/11 martyrs by hacking 200 plus Pakistani sites

Although seven years have passed but the wounds of Mumbai 26/11 are yet to heal. Yesterday the country remembered the martyrs of 26/11 on the seventh anniversary of the attacks, but Indian hackers found out a new way of expressing their anger against Pakistan for perpetrating the attacks by hacking 200 plus Pakistani websites.

As per cyber crime experts several Indian hacking groups carried out planned mass defacement of key Pakistani websites to pay “homage to the martyrs of Mumbai 26/11 attacks”. The compromised sites displayed the Tricolor or pictures of the 26/11 martyrs with patriotic songs playing in the background.

An underground hacker told MAIL TODAY, “We have hacked over 200 Pakistani websites today. It was done to send across a message to the perpetrators that India won’t sit back. We are not seeking any monetary benefits. They took the life of innocents on this day, so 26/11 is the ideal time to convey this message when our brave soldiers laid down their lives for the country.”Although this act qualifies as cyber crime, many experts are of the opinion that the government should tap into such a talent pool of hackers and utilize their skills.

Dhruv Soi, founder, Torrid Networks Limited said, “Indian government can very well utilise such highly-motivated and skilled resources to work for the nation, the way Chinese Cyber Army works for China Liberation Army.”


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