Indian national bank breached by Pakistani hacker: report

Websites today are not safe and hackers around the world are constantly breaching online portals with great ease. In a recent case, on August 2, 2016 a data programme used by an Indian national bank was breached by a pro-Pakistani hacker Afzal Faizal, reported Mail Today, with inputs from cyber security experts.

The report stated that Faizal, who had earlier breached over thousand Indian websites, has claimed to have gained access to an E-payment gateway of an Indian national bank. The security officials, however, claim no financial loss or data leaks.

In a statement to Mail Today, a senior cyber security officer said, “Faizal, and other members of Pro-Pakistani hacking community, have carried out some serious attacks recently. They have hacked several government websites in north-eastern and southern states of India. They have also made a breakthrough in web security system of many banks and educational institutions. They are mocking the Indian web security at a time when the country is pushing for Digital India.”

According to the report, the intruder had managed to hack more than a thousand websites, including those of Indian embassies in Tajikistan, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Mexico City, Sao Poal and Pretoria.

“Hey Indian Government, Don’t Mess with Us,” was seen posted by the hackers on the breached websites.

The cyber security experts have said that such hackers are being monitored and tracked online daily. They also believe that Faizal was recently tracked in Dubai, and is potentially routing his attacks from South-Asian countries, including Indonesia.


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