India’s National Security Guard website hacked

Hackers on Sunday defaced India’s elite National Security Guard’s website and left anti-India messages.

The hackers who identified themselves as the ‘Alone Injector’ left a message for Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi and also uploaded an showing Indian police brutality in occupied Kashmir.

The hackers identifying themselves as ‘Alone Injector’ also left a message for the India Forces mocking them for staging a false surgical strike. A message reading “Pakistan Zindabad’ was also placed on the home screen.

Indian media blamced Pakistani hackers for the attack citing pro-Pakistan slogans. However, no hacking group has claimed responsibility as yet.

Hackers forcing Indian pilots to listen to ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ as they land in Indian Kashmir

Indian authorities have reportedly recovered the website. However, it still remains inaccessible.

The incident follows a number of cyber-attacks targeting Indian armed forces and politicians.

Rahul Gandhi, Indian National Congress Twitter accounts hacked ‘within hours’

Indian National Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was hacked last month with the party’s official account and its website meeting a similar fate.

Another similar incident took place in October last year when Indian pilots landing in Indian Kashmir were allegedly targeted by ‘Pakistan hackers’ who blocked their communication with the control tower, forcing them to listen to patriotic Pakistani songs, such as Dil Dil Pakistan.


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