Information Security Network

Date: September 19 – 20, 2016
Conference Title: Information Security Network
Where: Reading, United Kingdom

In addition to the ever changing issues around governance and compliance, organisations are becoming victim to increasingly sophisticated threat campaigns. It’s a balancing act for a CISO of today to protect data and manage vulnerability whilst overcoming regulation and compliance pressure; what systems to use and what resource to allocate without detriment or burden to the other

While regulatory compliance reigns as the primary focus for investments the real threat to the company is increasingly becoming the user. CISOs have been dictating policy and preaching the dangers of external attacks and tricks commonly used by outside threats and users have received the message. However, time and time again users will continue to break policy and put the company at risk

Insider threat

Reputational risk

Enterprise risk management

Aligning security with the business

Threat intelligence

User behavioural analysis and education

IT Forensics

Advanced forms of defence


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