InformData Announces Exclusive Partnership with OffenderWatch to Make Most Extensive Sex Offender Data Repository More Accessible for Risk Management | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

OffenderWatch has earned the trust of over 3,500 local, state, and federal agencies, becoming the go-to source for sex offender information. However, trusted data is only useful when an accurate match can be made between a data record and a person being considered for employment, promotion or when the data is being used for workplace investigations. In the past, rapidly making an accurate match has been challenging because the personal profiles containing personally identifiable information required to make a match were often not available or were scattered among multiple sources. The exclusive partnership between InformData and OffenderWatch bridges the gap between data and the PII of the person being considered, allowing employers to rapidly make informed choices that protect employees, their business and public interest.

The combination of OffenderWatch’s Data and InformData’s proprietary PII matching technology is offered exclusively by InformData as the newly launched SOR+ (Sex Offender Registry Plus) product, offering accurate, high-performance sex offender matches in the context of the hiring, retention, promotion or workplace investigation decision-making process.

Scott Vanek, CEO of InformData, expressed his enthusiasm for the exclusive partnership, stating, “OffenderWatch data is the industry’s choice for identifying risk due to sex offender behavior. The market continues to find more applications to use sex offender data to reduce risk and protect the public in the hiring, retention and promotion of employees and contractors. But slow, error-prone manual search and match hindered its usefulness and left businesses exposed. InformData’s extensive and ongoing technology investments in machine-enhanced search and match are the perfect complement to make this data a natural part of risk mitigation, helping fulfill InformData’s mission to make Direct-Source people -data equitably accessible to all.”

Josh Bruner, CRO of OffenderWatch, added, “We are excited by InformData’s powerful technology that bridges the gap between our data and the customer’s need to make informed decisions that reduce risk and protect the public. We selected InformData as our exclusive partner to deliver our data to the pre-employment and Risk Management markets. The combination of InformData’s technology and our data will revolutionize the way sex offender registry searches are conducted, providing businesses with a seamless search process that provides trusted results in a fraction of the time required for manual searches of the data.”

Sex Offender Registry searches are a crucial element of any background check, enabling businesses and organizations to identify potential risks and make informed decisions. Traditionally, these searches have posed challenges due to false positives, lack of identifiers, and costly manual labor to confirm records. The InformData and OffenderWatch partnership addresses these issues head-on using machine-enabled search to deliver the industry’s first PII-based, high-performance, nationwide sex offender search.

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About InformData: InformData is transforming how Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and risk management professionals help businesses make decisions about their most valuable assets, people, by making Direct-Source Data equitably accessible to all. As the leading wholesale provider of people-data, the company leads the people-data industry in innovation, with an API-first technology model, a supply chain methodology that puts users closer to the data and metrics they need, and a simplified user-friendly business model. InformData’s targeted people-data provides the most comprehensive background screening insights available. The company’s 1,200 employees are dedicated to making the world a better-informed place. Be informed. Please visit

About OffenderWatch: There are nearly 900,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Many states have different systems for tracking these offenders, making it difficult for agencies to update records when offenders cross state lines. Offender Watch works with law enforcement agencies to provide registry software and tools to easily communicate information to the public. Learn more at

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