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Infosec products of the month: April 2022 | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past month, featuring releases from: Akamai, Alert Logic,, Axis Security, BigID, BreachBits, ColorTokens, Finite State, Forescout, Fortinet, Hillstone Networks, IBM, Imperva, Keysight Technologies, Kudelski Security, oak9, Orca Security, OwnBackup, Palo Alto Networks, Prevailion, Spin Technology, ThreatX, Vicarius, and Workato.

IBM z16 protects data and systems against current and future threats

IBM unveiled IBM z16, IBM’s next-generation system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator—delivering latency-optimized inferencing. This innovation is designed to enable clients to analyze real-time transactions, at scale — for mission-critical workloads such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions.

infosec products April 2022

ColorTokens Xcloud allows enterprises to address cloud security challenges

Xcloud combines multiple security tools into a single comprehensive platform to bring risk visibility and essential insights into the risks that threaten cloud and container environments. Xcloud automatically tracks the latest vulnerabilities and malware from multiple threat intelligence and vulnerability sources.

infosec products April 2022

Imperva Data Security Fabric enables organizations to safeguard their sensitive data

Imperva DSF standardizes data security controls across enterprise environments to provide full visibility of what is happening across all file stores and assets, on-premises, and across clouds. Its architecture supports a wide range of data repositories, ensuring security policies are applied consistently everywhere.

infosec products April 2022

Orca Security adds attack path analysis capability to improve the effectiveness of security teams

Orca Security announced Attack Path Analysis and Business Impact Score for cloud-native applications. Security teams can now visualize organizational risk through an interactive dashboard rather than chasing siloed alerts. This approach eliminates alert fatigue, reduces time-to-remediation, and helps avoid damaging data breaches.

infosec products April 2022

Keysight CyPerf 2.0 enables NEMs to validate devices in distributed cloud networks

Keysight Technologies released CyPerf 2.0, a new subscription-based software solution that enables network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to validate the performance and security of their offerings when deployed in complex distributed cloud environments utilizing zero trust security policies.

infosec products April 2022

Forescout Continuum Platform manages the risk posture of all network-connected assets

Continuum Platform maintains an organization’s security framework by automating the continuous discovery, assessment and governance for complete coverage of cyber assets to mitigate risk and drive business automation and efficiency.

infosec products April 2022

FortiOS 7.2 enables organizations to protect their hybrid networks

FortiOS 7.2 delivers new AI-powered FortiGuard security services and further consolidation of security point products across networks, endpoints, and clouds. These enhancements enable FortiOS to further protect today’s hybrid networks in the face of an escalating threat landscape while also helping organizations achieve digital acceleration.

infosec products April 2022

Axis Security Atmos protects sensitive business data from cyberthreats or high-risk users

Atmos helps IT avoid the need to connect users to the corporate network, reduce exposure to ransomware threats, and spend less time on costly, and complex, firewall-based network segmentation. The cloud-native platform artfully extends secure connectivity out to the user’s location through its 350 Atmos edge locations running on the global backbone of AWS Global Accelerator, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle.

infosec products April 2022

BigID Data Insights Studio provides customizable data intelligence reporting for IT teams

Data Insights Studio gives privacy, security, and governance teams the power to create actionable reporting best suited for their organization and monitor relevant metrics to better assess the progress of their data initiatives. Data Insights Studio seeks to close the gap between insight and action so that teams have the speed to make the best decisions about their data.

infosec products April 2022

Palo Alto Networks Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition protects businesses from home network vulnerabilities

Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition is built upon the principles of zero trust and enables organizations to extend the corporate network and bring unified security policy management and SASE to the hybrid workforce. In order to create tightly controlled security zones for corporate and personal devices, Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition also includes an option for at-home employees to create separate private and personal networks.

infosec products April 2022

OwnBackup Secure helps companies address SaaS data security gaps

OwnBackup launched a new SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solution, OwnBackup Secure, to help companies identify data vulnerabilities and proactively take action to protect their mission-critical data.

infosec products April 2022

oak9 adds automated remediation capability to infrastructure as code security

oak9 announced infrastructure as code remediation helping developers automatically maintain security and compliance without sacrificing speed. Additionally, oak9 monitors security changes on a recurring schedule throughout the entire DevSecOps lifecycle, including post-deployment where developers can continue to take advantage of automatic remediation.

infosec products April 2022

Spin Technology introduces a new solution for Microsoft Office 365 customers to identify risky applications

Spin Technology introduced Application Risk Assessment and Access Management as a new module for SpinOne for Office 365 SaaS data protection platform. This solution allows Office 365 administrators to assess risk of all applications that have OAuth access to their mission critical SaaS data with insights and remediation methods on possible incurred risks to reduce Shadow IT cases.

infosec products April 2022

Finite State Exploit Intelligence enables security teams to improve visibility into device software

Finite State’s Exploit Intelligence capability helps level the playing field by monitoring thousands of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) advisories to surface vulnerabilities that threat actors are actively and maliciously exploiting, also known as “weaponizing.”

infosec products April 2022

Prevailion ARKTOS allows companies to test their network security against real world malware threats

By collecting realtime telemetry data from the ARKTOS Replication Engine and monitoring communication with infiltrated C2 infrastructure, ARKTOS quantifies and qualifies the readiness and response of end to end security controls for emerging and latent threats.

infosec products April 2022

Finite State for Asset Owners provides visibility into device supply chain risk

Finite State is launching Finite State for Asset Owners. The purpose-built solution automates and solves the complex challenges asset owners face in maintaining device software supply chain visibility, including collecting and managing large repositories of Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs).

infosec products April 2022 improves efficiency in security operations with AI-Assisted Cybersecurity platform augments the security analyst team with an AI-Assisted Cybersecurity solution that leverages the judgment of security experts. The platform provides scalable AI models that assist with SecOps processes through deep learning and NLP, without having to write a line of code.

infosec products April 2022

Vicarius Nmap Scan Analysis helps security professionals identify high risk assets

With Nmap Scan Analysis, users import an XML file of an Nmap scan result directly into the Vicarius TOPIA dashboard. After the analysis is complete, users are presented with a comprehensive and visually coherent interpretation of their results, including open ports, services, operating systems, and detected CVEs.

infosec products April 2022

Hillstone CloudArmour secures containers and virtual machines in hybrid multi-cloud environments

CloudArmour brings Hillstone’s enterprise-grade security to cloud workloads with features that include firewall micro-segmentation to halt lateral attacks, machine learning-enhanced runtime behavior modeling, and smart policy operations. Working across all cloud-based environments, CloudArmour helps organizations meet the security demands of both the evolution of DevOps and the new cloud infrastructure architecture.

infosec products April 2022

Alert Logic Intelligent Response minimizes the impact of a security breach

Alert Logic Intelligent Response is designed to minimize the impact of a breach via embedded SOAR capabilities with workflows to enable response actions across network, endpoints, and cloud environments. This provides a backstop if attacks bypass prevention tools, improving an organization’s security posture while allowing them to adopt automation at their own pace.

infosec products April 2022

Akamai Audience Hijacking Protector defends online businesses against fraud

Audience Hijacking Protector defends against unwanted redirection of customers to competing and malicious websites, reducing affiliate fraud and mitigating privacy risks. And as pop-up advertisements become commonplace, Akamai’s new solution helps businesses keep consumers on their site to ensure successful engagement and consistently frictionless online experiences that improve site visits, sales conversion rates and brand trust.

infosec products April 2022

ThreatX expands API visibility and protection capabilities to stop complex threats in real-time

ThreatX unveiled new capabilities designed to strengthen its customers’ API security. These new capabilities will provide customers with deeper insight into the scope of API attacks, more fully visualize the API attack surfaces and identify API schema compliance gaps that attackers can exploit.

infosec products April 2022

Kudelski Security MDR ONE addresses the growing sophistication of threats across hybrid environments

An alternative model for accessing high-touch MDR services, Kudelski Security’s MDR ONE solution is designed for clients who also seek to reduce the complexity of handling multiple-point threat detection solutions and accelerate time to value. MDR ONE is powered by FusionDetect, the foundation of Kudelski Security’s XDR architecture, which streamlines security processes and technology across all Kudelski Security’s portfolio of MDR offerings.

infosec products April 2022

BreachBits BreachRisk helps organizations to understand and measure cyber risk

Built by U.S. military cyber warfare veterans and based on the same methods used by hackers, BreachRisk allows individual companies, insurers, portfolio managers and others to continuously assess an organization’s likelihood of a data breach while quantifying and communicating their risk reduction with a simplified cyber risk score.

infosec products April 2022

Workato Enterprise Key Management protects sensitive data for enterprise customers

Workato introduced Workato Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for its customers. The feature gives customers in highly regulated industries control, flexibility, and compliance over their encryption keys and their data inside of the Workato platform.

infosec products April 2022

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