Ingenious kid hacks his parents’ phones so that the word ‘no’ automatically changes to ‘hell yes’ – before asking them if he can throw a party

At first glance it might seem like the young man in this post has the coolest parents ever – parents who not only give the go-ahead for him to have a party, but consent with an emphatic ‘hell yes!’

But things aren’t quite what they seem. According to a recent post on Imgur/Reddit, prospective party host Brendan – under the username nasshole – managed to hack his parents’ phones in order to guarantee that he would get the ‘yes’ from his mom and dad in order to throw the bash.

‘Added a shortcut to parents’ phone every time they type “no”,’ explained the original poster of the text conversation.

In a screenshot of a group conversation, the creative kid asks: ‘Hey guys can I throw a party tmrw night. [sic]’

From there, hilarity and confusion ensues, as the boy has programmed his mother’s phone to autocorrect the word ‘no’ to something else entirely.

‘HELL YES, [sic]’ is the response that comes from Brendan’s mom. But something isn’t quite right, so she tries again.

‘Wait,’ she writes. ‘I typed HELL YES. [sic]’

The confused mom is soon backed up by Brendan’s father Jim, whose cell phone has similarly lost the ability to type the word ‘no’.

‘Brendan, she’s trying to say WHERE THE B*****S AT, [sic]’ he writes.


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