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In today’s digital age, the importance of cybersecurity and fraud prevention cannot be overstated. With online banking becoming increasingly prevalent, Brian Cummings, EVP of Data and Technology, explains the importance of providing information and resources to protect the safety of the financial transactions and personal information of residents of Oswego County.

* Cybersecurity Best Practices: Brian will share essential tips and practices that individuals and businesses can implement to enhance their online banking security. These insights will help your readers navigate the digital landscape safely.

* Common Fraud Schemes: Brian will discuss prevalent fraud schemes and tactics that target online banking users such as “phone spoofing”. By understanding these threats, your readers can take proactive measures to protect themselves.

* Preventive Measures: Brian will offer actionable advice on how to prevent falling victim to scams and fraud, empowering readers to safeguard their financial assets.

* The Credit Union’s Commitment: Brian will also highlight Oswego County Federal Credit Union’s commitment to cybersecurity and fraud prevention, including the credit union’s investments in advanced security measures to protect its members.

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