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A ransomware group has published 1.67 TB of content from Insomniac Games following a breach last week.

As Cyber Daily reports, the Rhysida ransomware group stole data from the PlayStation studio on December 12.

It put the data on auction for 50 bitcoins (roughly $2 million) with a week’s deadline before releasing 1.67 TB of stolen internal data earlier today.

Some of the data was sold to an unknown bidder, according to Cyber Daily.

The 1.3 million files included Insomniac’s release schedule up until 2035, details of unannounced games, and personal employee details.

It also featured a massive amount of information on its upcoming Wolverine title, including gameplay footage, level design, its plot and ending, and its characters and cast.

The breach revealed that Sony has reportedly signed an exclusivity deal on X-Men games with Marvel up until December 2035, IGN reports.

According to Polygon, documents relating to unannounced projects by other PlayStation studios such as Guerrilla Games and Bluepoint Games were also included in the leaked data. has reached out to Sony for comment.

Earlier this year, hacker group took credit for an alleged attack breaching Sony’s systems and leaking 6,000 files.

In October, the personal information of nearly 6,800 current and former Sony employees was breached by ransomware group Clop.

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