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F3EAD (Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate) is a version of the targeting methodology employed by the special operations forces (SOF) that are accountable for some of the most highly-publicized missions in support of incidents happening overseas. F3EAD is a system that enables them to foresee and estimate enemy operations, spot, pinpoint, and target enemy forces, and to perform intelligence exploitation and analysis of captured enemy personnel and material.

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1 — Find (Reconnaissance): This initial step involves identifying potential targets and their vulnerabilities. In a cybersecurity context, this could involve identifying systems or networks that are susceptible to attack.

2 — Fix (Weaponization and Delivery): After identifying the target, the next step is to prepare the attack. In the Cyber Kill Chain, this involves creating a malicious payload and determining the method of delivery.

3 — Finish (Exploitation and Installation): This is the execution phase where the attack is carried out. In the Cyber Kill Chain, this would involve exploiting the identified vulnerability and installing the malicious payload on the target system.

4 — Exploit (Command and Control): Post-execution, the attacker would exploit the situation, often by establishing a command and control network to maintain control over the compromised system.

5 — Analyze (Actions on Objectives): This step involves understanding the impact of the attack, analysing the data obtained, and learning from it for future attacks. In the Cyber Kill Chain, this would be when the attacker takes action to achieve their objectives, such as data exfiltration or system disruption.

In conclusion, the amalgamation of the F3EAD process and the Cyber Kill Chain framework offers a robust and proactive strategy for cybersecurity. This combination facilitates a more granular comprehension of potential threats, tracing the journey from identification to exploitation, and ultimately to the distribution of the acquired knowledge.

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