Intern – DEN Cyber Security

his graduate level internship/co-op will serve as a Cyber Security Engineer/Administrator within the cyber security team of OppenheimerFunds, Inc.


OFI Core Competencies
Define Vision & Focus on Results
Understand the current business context and clearly define and articulate the intended future direction for the company and department. Set challenging, realistic, outcome driven goals that reflect an exciting vision for how the Company will innovate or compete in an evolving marketplace.
Manage Change & Take Action
Challenge the current state and make a compelling case for change and drive continuous improvement to achieve future objectives. Operate with flexibility and urgency and embrace good ideas from any source. Make decisions that align with the Company’s priorities and values.
Build Relationships & Collaborate 
Build high-performance teams and coalitions that are focused on addressing the needs of the business. Form and sustain valuable internal and external business relationships and networks. Collaborate productively and with integrity to achieve and deliver results
Give Feedback & Be Accountable 
Provide constructive performance-shaping feedback to individuals and groups regarding the quality and effectiveness of work. Improve performance and output by assessing patterns of success and failure. Look for opportunities to coach others and make others successful. Take personal responsibility and honor commitments.
Corporate Values
The candidate must be comfortable with continuous change and demonstrate commitment by abiding to OFI’s Corporate Values:
  1. Excellence
  2. Integrity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Passion



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