International Hacker Group Controlled KY GOP’S Website and says More on the Way

The international hacking group, Anon Coders, still had control of the Republican Party of Kentucky’s website until about 11 a.m. Tuesday and told The State Journal they did it to spread the message that Muslims are not terrorists.

RPK Chairman Steve Robertson said­­­­­­­ the website went down sometime Saturday afternoon and as of late Tuesday morning he had not been contacted by anyone in the group.

“We use the website only for updates. Our information for contributions are housed on a different domain site by itself,” Robertson said. “We only use it (the hacked site) for information and it isn’t connected to our internal databases or servers in the building. It’s been a big inconvenience. We’ve been fortunate.”

The Anon Coders hacking team signed the Kentucky GOP’s site with their handles: Slim El, Albanian Attacker, Black Worm, Dr. T3rrOr, ResCool1337, Sys Ghost, AnoaGhost, XghosTny, Verus Noir, Dark Shadaw Tn, Dr.AfenDena, M4Xs4L1M1 and all Muslim Hackers.

In a message to The State Journal the group Anon Coders said they didn’t do it for amusement, but as a message to “all corporate governments, all countries,” to inform all that Muslims are not terrorists and that “it is a misconception that Muslims are spreading terrorism, when in all reality, the governments are killing innocents and they are the true terrorist.”

The cyber activists have posted the same message on several websites, which include international government affiliated websites to more unusual suspects like the RPK’s site and Nashville Turf, a synthetic turf company in Columbia, Tenn.

The group told The State Journal in a message that any insurrectionist who kills “a noncombatant is guilty to Islam,” and quoted the Quran saying, “He who kills a man is responsible for killing all mankind.”

Anon Coders told The State Journal they were also responsible for the take down of French television station TV Monde 5 on April 8, 2015 which shutdown the station’s 11 channels, took control of its social media pages and the station’s ability to broadcast for several hours.

The hacker group has spread a message with an emphasis on making Israel accountable for its violence against Palestinians and the need for Palestine to be a free state of its own.

A hacker involved in the RPK website takedown, Albania Attacker, confirmed the attack on the station and told The State Journal the station’s web managers “clicked a link in an email and were DNS (domain name system ) hijacked by us.”

Albania Attacker said Anon Coders isn’t affiliated with the broad group commonly referred to as Anonymous.

“We are not Anonymous. We have nothing to do with Anonymous, but Anonymous wanted to collaborate with us (and) we refused.”

The hacker said the group would continue to hit thousands of other sites throughout the summer and would include attacks on Mozilla, Google and Twitter and “have leaked 15,000 Twitter accounts and will share it in June.”

Source: The State Journal