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International Protection of Digital Rights in the Era of Cybercrime | #cybercrime | #infosec


Published July 3, 2023

A new law firm specialized in online privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, international law, white-collar investigations and other areas of digital law

According to Cybercrime Magazine, cybercrime costs the world $8 trillion a year, including crimes such as data breaches, extortion and doxing.

In the age of technology and digital communication, the protection of rights in the virtual context is essential.

A group of qualified attorneys trained in the protection of digital rights recognized this need and founded CRP Law Firm.

The international law firm specializes in the various branches of digital law and provides expert legal advice on specific issues such as image protection, online privacy, intellectual property, IT security, white collar investigations.

Technology has changed the way we live, but it has also created new legal challenges,” explains Francesca Gollin, founding partner of CRP Law Firm.

In the digital world, cybercriminals take advantage of users’ vulnerability by putting their finances, image and time at risk.

Globally, consumers lose an average of $358 and 21 hours per year to online crime, according to CISA.

“Cybercrime also affects trust in online platforms and services, as well as individuals’ perceptions of security and privacy,” says Federica Pietrogrande, a cyber litigation expert.

The legal team of CRP Law Firm

CRP Law Firm’s commitment to the defense of digital rights is reflected in its multidisciplinary team of specialized lawyers. Each member of the team has in-depth knowledge of both civil and criminal law and digital regulations, and is constantly updated on technological developments and emerging trends in the digital world.

Together, they are committed to ensuring that their clients’ digital rights are protected and respected.

The group of lawyers consists of Francesca Gollin, Carlo Zaccagnini, Federica Pietrogrande, Jose Miguel Chica and Eduardo Max de Souza.

“The goal of the CRP Law Firm is to find fair and sustainable legal solutions that promote a secure digital environment that respects fundamental rights,” says Atty. Gollin.

One of the distinctive aspects of CRP Law Firm is its international vocation. With a presence in several countries, the firm is able to provide cross-border legal advice on digital rights issues. This allows for comprehensive support in situations where national laws and jurisdictions can be complex and unstable.

To support the legal team, CRP Law Firm also has forensic technicians and a reputation intelligence department dedicated to the protection of digital rights, led by leading experts in the sector, Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio.

CRP Law Firm’s commitment to digital rights

In addition to its legal expertise, CRP Law Firm is also distinguished by its commitment to promoting laws and regulations at the international level aimed at defending privacy and protecting digital data.

Indeed, the firm is actively involved in activities related to privacy laws and policies in the digital environment, working to promote a strong legal framework and ensure that digital rights are respected at all times.

“The firm works closely with organizations and industry experts to ensure that its clients are protected in the ever-changing digital world,” concludes Atty. Gollin.

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