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Internet Divided Over Video Of Black Cop Shooting White Cop Who Was Choking Out Racist White Woman Who Called Police On Black Teenagers | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

CHICAGO—Following a widely shared post that sparked debate and confusion among online factions of every stripe, the internet was reportedly divided Thursday over a video that documented a Black cop shooting a white cop for choking out a racist white woman who had just called the police on some Black teenagers. “This one’s a real thinker,” said local 34-year-old Virgil Hicking, who was among the thousands of commenters to respond to the video and who explained that while he definitely wanted to condemn the police violence, one cop was really just trying to stop the other cop from being violent, and that cop was in turn reacting to a racist who had put the lives of Black kids in danger by getting the cops involved in the first place. “I’ve watched it at least a dozen times now, and I’m still not sure whether to feel angry or vindicated or what. It gets even more complicated once you realize the woman called the police on the teens for breaking into her neighbor’s house and stealing a dog, but then it turns out the dog belonged to a child molester, and who’s to say if that’s bad?” Hicking confirmed that after much consideration, he finally made a brief, single comment upon the video that read “#StopAsianHate.”

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