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A global policing operation has stopped an organised crime group which allegedly hacked feeds of the football World Cup last year.

Interpol have claimed 23 suspects have been arrested so far, including one of the heads of the networks also accused of fixing international table tennis events.

Spanish national police, the Spanish tax agency and Europol were all involved in the operation which brought the scheme to a halt.

When it comes to football streams, there is a delay on the HD television feeds being transmitted from stadiums to screens across the globe – which is something the gang used to their advantage in order to profit.

Football news: 23 suspects have been arrested for hacking World Cup feeds


The group, it is alleged, used advanced technology before then placing quick bets.

Interpol’s secretary general, Jurgen Stock, said: “Organised crime groups will exploit the tiniest of gaps given the opportunity.

“In this case, we’re talking about a 20 or 30-second advantage that led to significant gains.”

The same systems apparently exploited information from matches in the Nations League, German Bundesliga and leagues in Asia and South America.

The group are also accused of targeting ATP and ITF tennis tournaments as well.

They’re accused of using a multitude of identities and accounts in order to avoid being detected.

Interpol said: “Through advanced technology, they gained access to live video signals from around the world, straight from stadiums, pitches and arenas.

“Intercepting these signals gave them a clear advantage on bookmakers, who were dependent on slower satellite feeds and relays for the same events.”


Football news Qatar World Cup

Football news: Qatar hosted the tournament in the winter of last year


The World Cup last year was played in Qatar.

Argentina ended up winning the competition on penalties after a thrilling 3-3 draw in the final.

The next World Cup is due to be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2026.


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