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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is thrilled to announce that two of our premiere child safety programs are now available in Spanish!

The release includes “Into the Cloud™,” NCMEC’s animated series on internet safety, as well as “Take it Down,” a free service that can help kids remove nude, partially nude or sexually explicit images or videos of themselves that may be online.

The translation of these two platforms into Spanish will enable wider engagement within Spanish-speaking communities, encouraging more families and educators to engage in open conversations about online safety.

Developed as part of NCMEC’s NetSmartz program, Into the Cloud™ is an innovative online safety resource designed to educate children, families and educators through a captivating animated series. Since the premiere in 2019, two full seasons of Into the Cloud™ have been released, focused on providing viewers with the knowledge to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.

Each episode of Into the Cloud™ uses real-life data from NCMEC’s CyberTipline reports, conveying this information through an entertaining and age-appropriate manner. Families and educators are also able to access interactive activities and resources focusing on online safety. 

Spanish-speaking families and educators can look forward to:

  • Comprehensive content: Cyberbullying, online privacy, social media and more.
  • Interactive learning: Engaging activities and videos.
  • Educator resources: Supplemental materials, lesson plans and discussion guides.
  • Parental guidance: Tips, advice and resources.
  • Customizable workshops: Organize workshops and presentations for schools, community centers and other organizations.

Watch Season 1 and 2 of Into the Cloud™ in Spanish now:

Additionally, NCMEC’s world-renowned platform, Take it Down, has been translated to Spanish and 11 additional languages, with more on the way. Take It Down is a proactive way for children to have their sexually explicit images removed from certain online sites. It works by assigning a unique digital fingerprint, called a hash value, to specific images or videos. When tech platforms sign up to participate, they are provided these hash values so they can detect and remove the imagery on their public or unencrypted sites and apps. This all happens without the image or video ever leaving a device or anyone viewing it. 

Since Take it Down’s launch in December 2022, children have asked for NCMEC’s help in removing more than 67,000 images and videos from the internet. NCMEC is hopeful that implementing its availability in other languages will help more children globally.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that every child deserves a safe childhood.

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