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Introducing the Acceleration Economy Data, Cybersecurity, and AI/Hyperautomation Top 10 Shortlists | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

In this special report, Acceleration Economy Co-founder John Siefert, Chief Content Officer Aaron Back, and Editor-in-Chief Tom Smith discuss how Acceleration Economy decided to create the Top 10 lists for data modernization, cybersecurity, and hyperautomation in a similar fashion to Bob Evans, who founded the Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking six years ago. Each list for the Top 10 companies per pillar has been selected by Acceleration Economy practitioner analysts.


00:26 Many Acceleration Economy subscribers are familiar with Bob’s Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings. Bob takes a deep-dive approach to the financial standings of these companies, their quarterly growth rates, and the way they dazzle customers.

01:24 There are a number of different companies outside of the Cloud Wars Top 10 that are doing amazing things in their respective categories: hyperautomation, data modernization, and cybersecurity. Acceleration Economy practitioner analysts, based on their real-world experience, will be introducing Top 10 lists for each aforementioned category.

02:06 These lists were not done by a single person, Aaron specifies. The group of direct practitioner analysts came together and decided which organizations will be on each list. These companies are being recognized for the way they innovate, develop new technologies for their specific categories, empower customers, and are unlocking new potential for their industries.

03:24 Acceleration Economy analysts are experienced in their industries, making them qualified to identify the top companies within the categories of hyperautomation, data modernization, and cybersecurity.

04:35 Tom suggests that these lists lean very significantly on the expertise of the practitioner analysts, as described by John and Aaron. They understand and, in many cases, have hands-on perspectives of these technologies and innovations coming from the Top 10 companies. In the hyperautomation category, analysts who contributed to identifying the Top 10 companies are Ronak Mathur, Toni Witt, and Kenny Mullican.

05:47 — Analysts Wayne Sadin, Joanna Martinez, Tony Uphoff, Scott Vaughn, Pablo Moreno, and Chief Data Officer John Muehling selected the Top 10 data modernization companies. Data modernization is a category that touches on many parts of the business. Each of these practitioner analysts brings a unique focus within the overall category of data modernization.

08:03 Acceleration Economy analysts and CISOs Robert Wood, Frank Domizio, Chris Hughes, and CIO Kenny Mullican came together to identify the Top 10 companies in cybersecurity. Tom notes the importance of CISOs and CIOs coming together to apply cybersecurity tools, technologies, and practices to overall tech initiatives.

08:53 Aaron notes that Chris, Robert, and Frank bring a great balance of perspective across the public and private sectors, which brings into focus how these sectors should be paying attention to what the other is doing.

09:24 The unique thing about these Top 10 lists is that they are not created for specific industries. John notes the ways in which the categories of hyperautomation, data modernization, and cybersecurity are becoming industry agnostic. The applications of these technologies within the industries may be specific, but one of the powers of these practitioner analysts is that they come from various fields: healthcare, manufacturing, public and private sector, retail, financial services, and more. Congratulations to all of the companies that have been nominated to be on the Top 10 lists for the core pillars of Acceleration Economy!

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