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Developers of dating apps know very well that we are all social beings by nature, meaning that we can’t bear the awful burden of living alone. Whether we’re looking for a life partner, a friend, or even a casual and romantic relationship, there are a lot of smartphone apps out there in the technological world ready to lend us a helping hand.

We’re not here to tell you that online dating and meeting new people online work flawlessly every time. You have to consider plenty of aspects before deciding to meet someone online, including your own behavior and what you expose on a profile. But surely you should give online dating a try if you’re up for enlarging your selection area – you can get to chat with people from all over the world, which sounds like a better offer than to meet only those from your own town. Feel free to try out our top recommendations when it comes to dating and social apps for iPhones and iPads: 


There have been one million online Meetup events since the online function debuted in March 2020.

If you’re looking for something more than just small talk and flirt, you must definitely try Meetup, a web app designed for those willing to engage in various activities along with other people. You might want to find someone to read, write, get crafty, play tennis, and do many more together – on Meetup, it’s all possible! You can even select the area where you want to meet those new and interesting people that you need. Meetup also allows you to join specific groups, find an event, or even start a new group yourself!


Skout app

Skout allows you to instantly meet new people from around the world and video chat with them. There are millions of users connecting through this app every day, meaning that there are so many to choose from. There are even a lot of exciting features that you can use for having higher chances of finding interesting people to build relationships.


Our parents always told us not to talk to strangers, and we don’t want to contradict them. But anybody was once a stranger for us, right? Therefore, you should give the Omegle app a try, as it’s a very useful app for those who are willing to talk to new people from different countries. 

Don’t be surprised if by hitting the ‘Video’ or ‘Text’ buttons, you’ll get to talk to someone from the other side of the planet! By using Omegle, you can also type in several topics you’re interested in so that the program will automatically find someone who wants to talk about the same stuff! If you are looking for chat rooms, try Chatiw.


Tinder app login

Tinder is an advanced app for dating and making friends. You can choose to use it either as a web version or a mobile app, and you can start by creating a very expressive profile with photos, a bio, interests, and even a song that represents you. However, it’s a little more complicated to start talking to someone on Tinder. Both you and the other person have to ‘like’ each others’ profiles to start chatting. But once that first phase is over, you two can talk all you want and exchange other forms of contact (Facebook, phone numbers, etc.).


Friender is another exciting app for both iOS and Android users, and as you’ve already guessed, it focuses more on making new friends rather than finding the love of your life. By using the app, you’ll get to create a profile where you’ll mention what activities you like. The app will suggest you connect with users who have at least one common interest with you. 

We’ve all been created to live together peacefully, which is why the apps mentioned here can be so helpful!


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